Food Gardening Course

This summer you will feast on your very own vegetables.  From starting seeds indoors to putting your garden to bed, and everything in between, we will walk you through the entire gardening season, laughing and learning as we go.  Avoid common beginner pitfalls, have support to deal with problems or questions, and have fun in a relaxed, social setting.  Think gardening is a lot of work?  Think again… we utilize Permaculture principles to create a no-dig, low-maintenance, abundant garden.

What: Topics covered include: seed starting, choosing your site, garden planning, building your garden from scratch using mostly recycled materials, what, when and how to plant, watering, troubleshooting, dealing with pests, soil building, making compost and compost tea, tree planting, when and how to harvest, preserving your harvest, saving seeds, and getting ready for winter.

When: Classes are held every other week.   Choose from Tuesday mornings 10am-12pm, Tuesday evenings 7-9pm (full), or Thursday evenings 7-9pm (full).  Classes begin March 31st and run through October 1st.

Where: Most classes will be at the Williams Street Farmhouse in midtown Anchorage, but we will also go on field trips to other participant’s gardens.

How much? $350 including the basic materials you will need to begin your garden… seeds, trays for starts, starts, and more.   You could feasibly grow your garden without spending another dime on it, and reap the benefits of $200-$300 worth of fresh, organic produce.  Plus, you will be able to grow your garden year after year with very little additional investment.

IMG_6783What else? This course is suitable for young people ages 8-15, half price with an accompanying adult.   Any two gardeners working on the same garden and using only one set of supplies can take $50 off, each.  Work–trade may be available.  You may also choose to add on more topics from our advanced workshops series.

Sign up! This course has limited space available, so register now!  A deposit of $50 will hold your spot for this season.  To pay online, click here:  Green Thumb Deposit on Square Market or contact Saskia Esslinger at 907-563-1119.

Check out the schedule to find out more about what we will be learning and doing!  Green Thumb schedule Tuesday


6 thoughts on “Food Gardening Course

  1. Gina Bastian

    I’d like to sign up for a class please. When is your next available opening? Also, how big of a garden plot will I need for all of these starters? Thank you. Gina

    1. alaskasaskia Post author

      We still have openings in the course beginning April 1st. Please mail in your $50 deposit to Red Edge Design 3842 Williams Street Anchorage, AK 99508, or drop it by. A 4 by 8 foot garden plot should be sufficient, depending on what you choose to plant.

      1. Dena Strait

        Please hold a spot for me in the class starting April 1. My check is in the mail and will go out Tuesday when mail starts again.
        Dena Strait 440-9443

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