Matt Oster and Saskia Esslinger have been busy transforming their midtown duplex into a homestead for the past five years, and are now offering their services to help others do the same.  Our aim is to shrink our ecological footprint while increasing the quality of our lives.  We would like to share this journey with you to inspire you to create your own change, and hopefully so that you can learn something from our mistakes and successes.

IMG_8772Matt is a licensed contractor and certified energy rater, and can help you reduce your monthly bills and energy consumption through home energy efficiency.  If you haven’t already taken advantage of Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Energy Rebate Program, you can still sign up and request Matt to do your rating.  He is also trained in Passive House and Living Building standards.  See Matt’s website for more information.

IMG_8732Saskia grew up helping her parents in their large kitchen garden here in Anchorage.  She has a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science and a masters in Regenerative Entrepreneurship from Gaia University.  She was certified in Permaculture design in 2004 and as a Permaculture teacher in 2010.  Saskia has worked on organic farms in upstate New York and central America and developed a children’s gardening program as a VISTA volunteer in Texas.  She is passionate about growing, cooking, and eating food!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. latebloomershow

    I just found you, and so wish I could come to your workshops! But, I live in L.A. But, the photo above blew my mind cause I was trying to think of a way to have a fence (to keep my cat on my porch) that light could go through (cause the fence now blocks afternoon light to a 10’sa. foot area of my yard), recycled windows!

  2. Judy Moss

    I have heard that you are looking for places to hold demo/garden parties. If this in fact true, maybe we can get together and chat about using our place here in Anchorage. We have a nice size garden plot here and a very large High Tunnel in Homer. The HT is going to take top billing over the garden. We were planning to do a cover crop and redo our beds. We are organic. We also have chickens and and apple orchard. Hope to hear from you,
    Bill and Judy


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