Winter is officially here, blanketing the garden and turning our attention inside.  There is a fire in the wood stove and the last pot of applesauce is stewing, filling the house with a wonderful aroma.  Pumpkins decorate the dining room, the cold storage and freezers are bulging, begging to be made into the next delicious meal.  We’ve had some good ones lately… roasted squash stuffed with sausage and kale, home-made linguine tossed with caramelized onions and cabbage and salmon sausage, samosas filled with spicy ground caribou.  Mealtime is no longer a chore, but an exploration of flavors, an artistic endeavor.  It is truly the season of wonderful bounty, a time to give thanks for all the earth has given us.

Right now this season feels extra special to us, not only because we have worked so hard to put away as much Alaskan bounty as possible for the winter, but also because we are preparing for the birth of our first child.  Along with sorting out a dizzying selection of cloth diapering options and wrapping up loose house projects, Matt and I are enjoying spending couple time together and watching in amazement as my belly grows bigger and bigger.  I know that women around the world do this all the time, but experiencing this little life grow inside me has been nothing short of a miracle.  And we haven’t even gotten to the birth part yet.  How similar and yet different it is from tending the garden…. we planted a seed, gave it lots of good food and water and watched it grow.  And then the kicking started!

Even though we cannot possibly understand how our lives will change, we are slowly feeling more ready for the adventure of parenthood.  Of course, I still have some things I really want to get done before the baby comes, but that doesn’t seem like the most important thing right now.  As we slow our lives down for the winter and catch our breath, we have the luxury of contemplating the magic in our lives.


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