Sometimes I feel ridiculous for how much time I spend at home.  All week I work from home, and when the weekend comes, I really just want to stay home and do things around the house.  While our friends are off climbing mountains or going to parties, Matt and I get excited about having a whole day to get things done.


In fact, we had this whole weekend off to celebrate our anniversary, and what did we do?  You guessed it…. finished the patio, cleaned the garage, tended the garden, and made sausage, just to mention a few things.  But the rewards!  The nature in our garden is incredible.  Better than the view at the top of the mountain is the view out our windows. Fixing a ultra-fresh meal from the garden beats any post-hike dinner in a restaurant.  And the admiring comments from the neighbors is icing on the cake.  No need to fill up the car or pack and unpack the camping gear.  And I still have sore muscles at night to give me a good night’s sleep.

Mr Sausage

I’ll never forget the incredulous look on an acquaintance’s face a few summers ago when he asked if I had gotten out much, and I said, “Yes, in my garden!”  ( He obviously didn’t know me very well.)  He didn’t think gardening counted as “out,” and it certainly wasn’t cool to him, but to me, it’s awesome.   Hopefully, if you are reading my blog, you think gardening is cool, too.  And you actually do it, too.  At least what you can.  And at some point it goes from just being cool, to being a way of life.  It is what you do on the weekends.  And on Sunday night, you can point to the projects you finished, the seeds you started, and the food you put away for the winter.


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