Sweet Strawberries

Ahhh, strawberry season is finally here!  Today was the first day I had enough that they made it all the way into the kitchen and onto the scale to be weighed… 11 ounces.  The bushes are absolutely loaded with green berries and it looks to be an outstanding year.  Strawberries are one of the easiest things to grow, and one of the most rewarding.  All you have to do is plant them once and they grow and spread on their own.   I spend a probably a total of five hours a year tending my 16 square foot patch… weeding and mulching, and that’s it!  We are so lucky in Alaska that they are so easy to grow.  They are not affected too heavily by pests or disease, and they don’t mind the cool weather.  Everyone should have their own patch!  They are so pretty with their dark green leaves, white flowers, and bright red berries, and make a great ground-cover.  When you taste the difference between your own home-grown strawberry and one you buy in the store, you will never go back.

My bowl of strawberries...or what's left.


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