Is Your Garden In?

Wow! We couldn’t have asked for a nicer Memorial Day weekend up here in Anchorage, and I made sure to take full advantage of the amazing weather to get my garden in!  In between the chicken workshop Saturday morning and the veggie spring roll bike garden tour Sunday afternoon, I managed to mow, mulch, trellis, prune, weed, and help Matt with the greenhouse.  On Monday the sun roused me out of bed early, and I set out the rest of my plants that I had to get in the ground.  By early afternoon both me and the plants were praying for rain.. who could have imagined it could be so bloody hot after the long cold winter?  Somehow it continues to amaze me.

The spring forest garden, with a celery border

If you still need to get some planting done, it is not too late!  This is a great time to start root crops like carrots, beets, and turnips. Transplanting during this time is also good because it encourages the roots to go deep and get established.  Also think about starting another crop of greens and maybe even broccoli, radishes, or cabbage.

Spring is overdrive season, with all the extra daylight and exciting chores.. Matt and I have been working hard but not willing to cut out good food.  My brother Marc and his girlfriend Briana gave us a fresh halibut filet this weekend so I pan fried it tonight in butter, white wine, salt and pepper.  Our friends Emily and Jim brought us a morel from their front yard so I made some morel butter by sauteing minced garlic and red onion in butter, adding the chopped morel, salt, pepper, and thyme, then adding even more butter.  I served the halibut over a bed of couscous with the morel butter on top.   It took about twenty minutes and tasted amazing.



One thought on “Is Your Garden In?

  1. katmainomad

    I find spring a nerve-wracking time as my transplants suffer shock before recovering and I wonder if my direct-seeded plants will ever come up. I am ever thankful to the non-needy perennials! My most successful, healthy group so far is a sapling apple tree with a red currant right under it, surrounded by red clover, strawberries, and a tulip. It is a vibrant, healthy, no-maintenance community. What it your best plant community right now? What all is in your spring forest garden? What edible veggie and herb perennials are working for you?
    The greenhouse is looking excellent by the way, I look forward to your workshop!


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