Get Ready, Get Set….

It might be cold and windy outside, but nevertheless more snow disappears everyday from the garden.  The stones I placed around the edges last year seem to be catching whatever solar energy there is out there and helping the snow melt.  It is amazing how much faster the raised beds melt compared to the lawn next to it!

The moon is about to move into the first quarter, which means it is a great time to start more seeds.  Wednesday afternoon through Friday is a great time, or you can wait until Monday and Tuesday when the moon is in the really fruitful sign of Cancer.  I’m going to start another batch of broccoli and lettuce, some kale, kohlrabi, chard, and spinach.  We are about four weeks away from the last average frost date, but still six weeks from setting out warm-weather crops like squash, so wait until the 25th-28th to start those.

I potted up my tomatoes last weekend into one gallon pots, and they are looking great!  I used some of my worm castings from my worm box, and they all grew two inches the first day!  It is a lot of work, but keep potting up your tomatoes into the next bigger pot every time the roots reach the pot.  They don’t like to get all bound up.

The seed exchange was super successful- we had five great mini workshops and shared a lot of information along with the seeds.  There were a TON of seeds left over which I somehow took possession of, so if anyone needs anything or wants to come by and look through them, just let me know!  Be on the lookout for the SEEDLING exchange, which will happen towards the end of May.  Last year, this was a really fun event in my backyard, and a great way to exchange something you have a lot of for something new to try!

Other news is that I held my first workshop of the year with six participants and a TON of wonderful ideas and energy flowing.  If you are interested in attending the Forest Gardening Workshop this coming Saturday, April 17th, please e-mail me at so I can reserve your spot.  This is going to be a really exciting workshop!  You will learn all about WHY you would want to have a forest garden in your yard, HOW you can design one that fits your needs and site, and specific species that will work for Alaska.  You will also get to take a look at my forest garden I started last year and get the inside scoop on what worked and what didn’t.


3 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set….

  1. KB

    Hey what time are you planning on the workshop, and where? Not sure if I can make it–this weekend might be chaotic–but I’d like to try! Let me know! GREAT blog by the way! 😉


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