Yeah Sunshine!

Things are buzzing here at the Williams Street Farmhouse!  We had an excellent potluck here last night with members of the Permaculture Guild and there was lots of talk about spring!  Even though we just got a bunch of snow, I can tell that it is on its way out.  The sun is getting stronger, the days are getting longer, the birds are starting to sing.

I just got my first batch of seeds in the mail from Territorial Garden Supply… creeping thyme, wild arugula, french sorrel, and a new green I wanted to try called Double Purple Orach. It is a deep purple mountain spinach and looks delicious!  French Sorrel is a perennial green with a superior lemony taste.  I’m trying to incorporate as many perennial vegetables into my garden as possible to make my job as gardener easier!  I traded some of my new seeds for a Russian variety of tomato that is greenish and supposed to be very cold-hardy.  Guess that means I’m planting more tomatoes!

My seedlings

My seedlings are doing great with the sunshine and the grow lights.  Don’t forget to thin them to one plant per cell, otherwise none of them will grow well.  Use scissors instead of pulling them so you don’t disturb the roots of the one left.  The moon is new as of today, so all this week is a great time to plant herbs and celery.  Saturday is 8 weeks before the last average frost, so you can also start your brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli.  Guess what else is this weekend?  The equinox!  That means the light is overtaking the dark and spring has officially begun!

Speaking of spring… if you don’t already have tickets to the Alaska Botanical Gardens annual spring conference on April 27th, now is the time to sign up!  The keynote speaker this year is permaculturist Toby Hemmenway, author of Gaia’s Garden, one of my favorite books!  There are lots of great workshops as well!



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