Let it Snow!

I don’t care if there is a blizzard outside!  My leeks have already started to push their delicate green heads through the soil, and I know spring is on the way! There is no better therapy for the short days of winter playing with dirt and watching seeds germinate and take shape as a beautiful plant.

According to my moon sign book, this is also the best time to start tomatoes, so I took some time with my morning coffee to plant a few… alright, I admit it!  I got carried away!  Just thinking of those juicy, perfectly ripe tomatoes from my garden last year made me salivate.  It was almost as if they planted themselves… before I knew it I had over a flat planted!  What am I going to do with 72 tomato plants??  I was just so excited about the tomatoes that grew well last year, and of course I wanted to try some new varieties this year.  I guess I will make my friends happy!

I also started some herbs, because you can’t have a tomato salad without basil or parsley or thyme!  It may be a little early, but with the grow-lights Matt put up for me last fall, I am having a lot of confidence that they will grow nice and strong, not spindly and weak like in previous years.  Although with the rate that I am planting seeds, I might need to expand my grow light set up!  No worries, we bought a shop light set from the old hardware store and put in super cheap full-spectrum tubes.  Then we hung it from the ceiling with a couple of hooks and some chain so we can adjust the height of the plants as they grow.  Super simple and inexpensive!


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